Today’s Monopoly Go Free Dice Links

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Today’s Monopoly Go Free Dice Links

f you love mobile games as much as desktop games, then you’ve probably heard of Monopoly GO. This is a reimagined version of the classic family board game developed back in 1935.

With the development of technology, Monopoly has received a new life in the form of a mobile game. Although the basic rules such as accumulating wealth, buying property and trading with other players remain, some of them have been modernized and we are talking about Monopoly Go free dice that you need to find as soon as possible. If you want to progress quickly and keep up with the rest of the players, you need free Monopoly Go dice, which will allow you to move the boards for free and progress faster.

Like most resources in modern mobile games, dice rolls cost real money, but if you don’t want to spend cash, there is a way to get them for free: completing Monopoly GO events or using links to free dice. In this article, we collect links to free Monopoly Go cubes every day and publish them in one place so that you don’t have to jump around different social networks of Monopoly GoScopely developers , so be sure to bookmark this article to get free cubes as soon as possible quicker.

Daily links to free Monopoly GO cubes

We update the list of links to free Monopoly Go bricks daily . We collect them from the social networks of Monopoly Go and Scopely developers, check and publish them, and also delete old ones.

Link and reward
June 24
June 23
22nd of June
21st of June
There are no free dice for today
June 20
June 19
June 18
June 17
June 16
25 free dice
Remember that each account can only use the link once. If you have already activated it, wait until tomorrow.

How to activate links to free dice in Monopoly Go?


To activate the free dice links, you need to level up your Monopoly Go account to level 15 . This will unlock the Albums feature and allow you to get free dice rolls from the links above.

Once you reach level 15, click on one of the above links from the device you have Monopoly Go installed on . A window will open asking you to start the game. Once you confirm to start the game, the free dice rolls will be added to the total number of dice rolls.

WARNING: Activate the dice roll links on the device on which the game is installed, otherwise you may encounter an activation error.

Why isn’t my link to free Monopoly Go dice rolls working?


Sometimes, when activating Monopoly Go free dice links, an error may occur that will prevent you from receiving free rolls. If you encounter similar problems, read carefully how to fix them.

First of all, make sure that you have not already activated the link from the Discord or Instagram channel of the Monopoly Go game . Also remember that to activate the link, players need to be level 15 , and sometimes in the pursuit of free rolls you can forget about this.

If your account is at level 15 and you haven’t tried to activate the link yet, but clicking on it still doesn’t do anything, check if the game is installed on your device. The transition menu prompting you to open the game only appears on phones with Monopoly Go installed . If you open the link from a PC or MAC, it will redirect you to the game’s store page.

If all of the above conditions are met, but the link still doesn’t work, that’s another problem. Try running Monopoly Go in the background and then clicking the link again. Also, if a new window appears asking you to open the game, but there is no start button, try refreshing the page. In our experience, this can help.

How to get more Monopoly GO! Free dice rolls

Besides the dice links, there are other ways to get free rolls in Monopoly Go . You can get extra dice simply by participating in the game, such as leveling up, completing boards, and participating in daily events. Keep an eye out for Monopoly Go partner events , which offer generous amounts of dice rolls. Additionally, completing sticker albums to collect a full set of property tile colors provides the opportunity to receive additional cubes in the form of free spins.

Additionally, Monopoly Go gives players free dice with a daily login bonus that can be claimed every eight hours. Additional dice can be obtained by completing Quick Wins challenges or by linking your Monopoly Go profile to your Facebook account or phone contacts list. Also be sure to follow the official Monopoly Go pages on Facebook , Instagram , and Discord for a chance to get extra rolls by participating in community events.

That’s all we can tell you about Monopoly GO! Free dice rolls . Don’t forget to bookmark this page and if you are looking for content about other games, you can read texts about Fortnite Codes , Genshin Impact Codes , Roblox Codes and Coin Master Free Spins .

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