A well-known coach was fired from the PKO Ekstraklasa club

The lost Łódź derby and the increasing probability of relegation from PKO Ekstraklasa forced the ŁKS authorities to make a radical decision. Coach Piotr Stokowiec was fired on Tuesday. We already know the name of the successor.

ŁKS Łódź is the worst team in the PKO Ekstraklasa in the 2023/24 season. The newcomer scored only 10 points and closed the table. Of course, it still has a mathematical chance of surviving, but a miracle would have to happen for that to happen.

Kazimierz Moskal started the season on the bench. However, he was fired during the autumn round, and the team was taken over by Piotr Stokowiec. He undertook a challenging mission, but he probably did not expect his work to last so short.

After losing the Łódź derby, Stokowiec was dismissed as the first coach. His assistant Łukasz Smolarow also said goodbye to the club.

Coach Stokowiec’s record in ŁKS is zero wins, three draws, and seven losses.

At the opening of the spring round, ŁKS lost away to Korona Kielce 1-2, conceding the second goal in added time.

The derby loss to Widzew last weekend turned out to be more painful. ŁKS performed disastrously and lost 0:2. This was the final straw and Stokowiec was released after several dozen hours.

The new coach of ŁKS is 40-year-old Marcin Matysiak, who previously worked in youth teams and reserves, and now will be responsible for the first team. He was one of Stokowiec’s assistants.

The staff included: Radosław Pęciak (assistant), Michał Zapart (goalkeeping coach), Paweł Drechsler (motor preparation coach), Rafał Majewski (analyst coach), Mateusz Traczyński (physiotherapist), Jakub Niedomagała (physiotherapist), Anna Olkiewicz (psychologist) and Jacek Żałoba (team manager).

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