Wojciech Szczęsny: When will I be fully satisfied? How we will win the European Championship

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Wojciech Szczęsny: When will I be fully satisfied? How we will win the European Championship

For Wojciech Szczęsny, Euro 2024 will be the last great tournament in his national team career. – To come to Germany for two weeks, just to stay here, play three matches and go back home… I don’t feel like it, he says.

Wojciech Szczęsny argues that the atmosphere inside the Polish national team is exactly the same as before the first match against the Netherlands. The loss to the “Orange” team did not have a negative impact on the group and there is a lot of willingness to play in Friday’s match against Austria, which – which is already a bit of a tradition – is becoming a match for everything.

– There is something about me that I will never be completely satisfied with. I will be fully satisfied when we win the European Championship. Coming to Germany for two weeks just to stay here, play three matches and go back home… I don’t feel like it. I want to fight for higher goals and I believe that this team is able to do it. The match against Austria is a small final for us, the most important moment of this championship – said Szczęsny at a press conference.

He will do everything to ensure that Poland stays in the game to advance from the group, because Euro 2024 is the last big tournament in his career. He has argued more than once that this representative adventure will soon come to an end. But I don’t feel any additional stress about it.

– That’s not the right word. You feel great adrenaline and excitement about an important occasion. Stress is foreign to me at this stage of my career, emphasized Szczęsny. – Do I experience this tournament differently? I don’t think so. There will be time for reflection after the championship, for now I am focusing on preparing as best as possible for each match to do something good – he added.

Robert Lewandowski, who could not play against the Netherlands due to an injury, will probably play against Austria.

– Let’s be honest, the more leaders on the pitch, the better. First of all, Robert is our best player, and in my opinion he is the best player in the history of Polish football. He has been making a difference in this national team for many years and the Austrians will certainly not be happy that he will be healthy. I don’t know if he’s ready for 90 minutes, so it’s not for me to judge. His presence on the pitch alone gives a lot. And no matter how much the substitutes give, because Adam Buksa played well in the last match and scored an important goal, the mere fact of Robert being on the pitch changes our attitude and that of the opponent. Naturally, his presence can only help us, said Szczęsny.

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And not only because of Lewandowski’s presence, the match against Austria will be completely different from the one against the Netherlands.

– Mainly because the Dutch are most dangerous when they have the ball and the Austrians when they don’t have it. Austria is very dangerous when switching from defense to attack. It is possible that we will have the ball more often. Marko Arnautović is a great striker, he has always impressed me, but I wouldn’t focus on individuals because this is a really good team, especially when the opponent has the ball. They are very dangerous in the first pressing phase, said the Juventus goalkeeper.

– I would like to have as little work as possible, but I also think that against the Netherlands I didn’t have much work. It certainly looks different than 18 or 24 months ago, when we played deeply backwards. It is known that this style of play favors the goalkeeper, said Szczęsny.

Despite the loss, Poland was praised for the match against the Netherlands, but the facts are that there were no points from it. Szczęsny spoke clearly before the confrontation with the Austrians. – To be honest, at this age I care a little less about how we play in this match. I just want to win and be happy with the three points, summed up the Polish national team goalkeeper.

The Poland-Austria match starts on Friday at 18.

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