Storm around the Polish Football Association? Kulesza: if there is no verdict, we can only guess

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Storm around the Polish Football Association? Kulesza: if there is no verdict, we can only guess

Various things were also written about me without any evidence. These are slander. I can also say that I heard something from an anonymous interlocutor – this is how the president of the Polish Football Association, Cezary Kulesza, comments on the confusion surrounding one of the team’s sponsors.

On Wednesday, “Gazeta Wyborcza” published a text which shows that some sponsors are to demand explanations from the Polish Football Association. It’s about the union’s cooperation with Kuchnia Vikinga. Its deputy chief is accused of participating in an organized criminal group. – It is a legal company that pays taxes, so I have no objection to it being a sponsor of the Polish Football Association – says president Cezary Kulesza in an interview with WP Bestpredictionsite.

The helmsman of Polish football also returns to the words of former national team director Jan De Zeeuw, who said before the match against the Netherlands that Ronald Koeman’s players could play against Poland without a goalkeeper. – This is nonsense. Why didn’t De Zeeuw heal Polish football when he was sports director? When he took money, it was nice – the activist tells us.

Kulesza talks about what he thinks is the problem of Polish football. – I was in Białołęka, 140,000. inhabitants. Activists came and said: “President, we don’t have a single full-size pitch.” So where are we?!

On Friday, Poland will face Austria at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin (6 p.m.).

Dariusz Faron, WP SportoweFakty: Does it bother you that the vice-chef of Vikinga Kitchen, one of the sponsors of the Polish Football Association, is accused of participating in an organized criminal group? Cezary Kulesza, president of the Polish Football Association: But has it already been proven? I don’t think so. If there is no verdict, we can only guess. Viking’s Kitchen also cooperates with the Scottish and Croatian federations and top league clubs. It is the largest catering company in Poland. As far as I know, it employs about 900 people. We will spend the money from this sponsor primarily on the development of youth sports. There will also be catering campaigns for diabetics and social activities promoting healthy eating. It is a legal company that pays taxes, so I have no objection to it being a sponsor of the Polish Football Association.

On Wednesday, “Gazeta Wyborcza” wrote that some sponsors do not like the cooperation of the Polish Football Association with Kuchnia Vikinga. “We do not want to be associated with people facing prosecutorial charges, which is why we were surprised by the decision of the president of the Polish Football Association. Does he have no instinct for self-preservation? We knew that the case would come to light,” a representative of one of the team’s sponsors tells “Wyborcza”. The author did not say who allegedly said these words. I can also say things anonymously. I do not want to refer to words whose author is unknown.

So the indictment against the vice-chef of the Viking Kitchen is not a problem? Even in terms of image? It doesn’t bother the Scottish FA, it doesn’t bother the Premier League clubs. Neither do Polish actors.

But I’m asking about the Polish connection.

Vikinga’s kitchen also sponsors, among others: Piast Gliwice. Actors cooperate with the company, e.g. Cezary Pazura and Katarzyna Zielińska. If someone is accused of something, they may face consequences. These gentlemen have no problem, for example, with paying VAT, they run their business legally. PZPN works for the development of football in our country. The prosecutor’s office, police and courts are responsible for conducting investigations and passing judgments in such cases.

According to the “Wyborcza” text, some sponsors asked PZPN for explanations regarding cooperation with Kuchnia Vikinga.

You know what? For me this is not an exponent. Various things were also written about me without any evidence. These are slander. I can also say that I heard something from an anonymous caller. Today we can speculate and banter.

But the indictment exists.

Let’s wait and see what happens. If this gentleman…

…Paul F

I don’t even know his name. There are several partners there. Does the indictment interfere with running a business? They will still have their business. If this man made a mess 10 years ago and the court finds it so, what do I have to do with it? The doubts do not concern the company’s actions, but only one of the people. Along these lines, who allowed them to set up a company and develop it so much that they employ 900 people? Now these 900 people have to be fired because one person has an indictment? Or ask the government to shut down the company? They don’t have the right to advertise?

They have the right. They sponsor the Polish team.

But if they didn’t sponsor the team, there were also their advertisements and billboards. They advertised at Croatian national team matches.

Can you confirm that some sponsors are asking for explanations?

I don’t confirm. Nobody asked me personally. There was perhaps one general inquiry about our activities to acquire new sponsors, but no one asked for translations or explanations.

On Wednesday, Sports Minister Sławomir Nitras said on Radio Zet that no state money would go to bonuses for football players. It is good or bad? I have not heard the minister’s statement, so I will not comment on it. Every minister has the right to express his own opinion.

What is the president’s opinion on bonuses for football players financed from public money?

We have clear bonus procedures. This is an agreement reached by the team council. Everything is known in advance and there is no way there will be any misunderstandings. Nobody expects additional funds apart from those we can get from UEFA.

Will Robert Lewandowski play against Austria from the first minute?

He participated in full training on Wednesday. He was active, just like Dawidowicz and Świderski. Everyone is back, training normally and will probably be at the coach’s disposal. We have one more training session ahead of us. We’ll know more after that.

Until what time did you stay up after the match against the Netherlands?

I was calm. We could have drawn, but the goals were scored because of mistakes, we made them. We conceded a goal out of nowhere. Earlier we could have scored, Jakub Kiwior had the situation at 2-1. Then Karol Świderski could have equalized the score. If he had known that Adam Buksa was behind him, he might have passed the ball. Nicola Zalewski shot hard into the middle of the goal. If she had gone to the side, the goalkeeper probably wouldn’t have saved it. But not everything falls into place.

How did you feel after this match?

Insufficiency. There were seven minutes left in regular time. But I also felt that the team was really starting to play and it looked nice. The Dutch are not average.

Marco Van Basten said after the play-offs that Poland did not like to play football, and before the match, the former director of our national team, Jan DeZeeuw, argued that the Netherlands did not even have to field a goalkeeper. Didn’t you take that as disrespect?

It came to my attention, but I don’t want to comment on it, because when someone says such nonsense… Why didn’t De Zeeuw heal Polish football when he was sports director? When he took money, it was cool. And he didn’t complain. If coach Probierz wanted to hire him, everything would probably be OK.

The match against the Netherlands showed that there is life without Lewandowski?

If Robert is not there, we will not lie down to anyone and we will not give up the match. The team will play to the best of its ability. I am convinced that if Lewandowski had played against the Netherlands, the result could have been reversed. You know how creative a footballer is. He would open the way to the goal for others. And if Robert is gone, there will be other strikers who will try to fulfill the tasks.

Did Michał Probierz surprise you as a coach? He was perceived as a very pragmatic coach, but the team is playing nice football.

Michał is an ambitious trainer and knows what he is doing. He knows his craft. He defended himself with good work. People appreciate his good moves and proper management of the national team.

Can you imagine that we will change the coach after the tournament?

Coach Probierz did not report that he would have any injury after the championship. His cruciate ligaments will fail. He looked very good in training and once made a great cross.

In all seriousness, Touchstone is currently under contract. And we are now focusing on the Euro.

At the World Championships in Qatar, we heard from the mouth of the then coach Czesław Michniewicz that style did not matter. Now the team is praised for their courageous play. So what’s the deal with this style? Is he important to you?

PZPN, just like the fans, would like the team to play beautifully and effectively. This doesn’t always go hand in hand. Sometimes you have to adapt to your opponent. Czesiu Michniewicz did his job – he got out of the group and kept us in the Nations League. Now maybe no one notices.

Touchstone didn’t have much time to prepare the team for the tournament. Is hiring Fernando Santos the biggest mistake of your career?

It’s the same situation as with club transfers – if you make a lot of them, some will always fail. We thought Santos was among the top three or five best coaches in Europe. He had very great achievements. It didn’t work out, the match against Moldova was the final straw. Both within the PZPN management board and from outside, I had voices that perhaps he should not continue to lead the team.

In turn, after Santos’ farewell, Marek Papszun’s name became very fashionable. There was a lot of pressure to hire him. I had a heavy burden of responsibility. I could have taken the easy way and chosen Papszun, whom 70 or 80 percent of people in Poland wanted. There wouldn’t be such hate.

Do you feel that the European Championships are a new beginning for the national team?

Yes, but it needs to be confirmed with results. It is said that sometimes they drop you off, drop you off, and then forget to catch you.

Maybe then we are too excited about the match against the Netherlands? The Slovaks won against Belgium, the Czechs stood up to Portugal. Our expectations before the tournament were very low.

Almost 40 million people live in Poland. We expect the national team to play at their best. For this to happen, we must create the conditions for it. And the staff has them. But what are the training pitches like in Poland? I have been to all provinces. Sometimes four groups of kids train on one pitch. One group per quarter.

Take a walk around Hannover. Many pitches, very good conditions. What about us? Let me give you an example: the Białystok Academy. I ask: which academy? There are 2.5 pitches there! One full-size and an additional half occupied by the first team. One artificial surface was allocated for the academy. So who will you train?

How many sports fields are there in Warsaw? I was in Białołęka, 140 thousand. inhabitants. Activists came and said: “President, we don’t have a single full-size pitch.” Where are we?! Let’s create first, and then demand. Travel around Europe and check what academies there are in other countries.

You say that we don’t have academies and pitches. Who is responsible for this?

You won’t find the culprit. Someone made a mistake. We have very nice stadiums, but there should be a condition: if you build a facility, you must have three or four training pitches around. This would be cool for kids. There should also be five or six pitches around the National Stadium. As PZPN, we work to the best of our abilities. We will not build thirty or forty academies.

Let’s get back to the topic of Euro 2024. Are you following the news whether Kylian Mbappe will make it to the match against Poland? I can follow and I won’t find out the truth. Only a small group of doctors and the trainer know it. And what appears in the press is often the opposite of reality.

Before the European Championships, Mbappe delivered a political manifesto at a press conference. What would your reaction be if Robert Lewandowski did the same? A footballer is only there to play, should he speak out on social issues?

Football players should speak up, but only if something concerns football. Apparently Mbappe has the right to do such things. No matter what he says, they won’t do anything to him.

Lewandowski probably has a similar status in our country. If he started talking about politics, would you intervene?

I wouldn’t say anything. If Robert wanted to talk about politics, he would have done so a long time ago. I don’t tell any player what to do. But it seems to me that if someone were to comment, it would be about football. And when he finishes his career, you can go into politics.

What match do you expect against Austria? The Austrians are a tough opponent. They are out, they fight until the end, they come out strong on the counterattack. We have to be vigilant throughout the match. Austria plays very hard, they received five yellow cards against France. Antoine Griezmann landed on the boards with a cut head. Kylian Mbappe broke his nose. And there were a few more short circuits.

What will be the result of Friday’s clash?

I would like us to win. Even by one goal. However, I will keep my fingers crossed. We are very grateful to our fans for their support. In the match against Austria they will certainly be our twelfth player.

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