Borussia Dortmund vs PSV, Champions League match announcement and forecast

Champions League

1/8 finals, first match

February 20, 22:00. Phillips Stadium (Eindgoven)

Chief referee: Srdjan Jovanovic (Serbia)

Live Stream:Megogo Football 2

Although Borussia represents the top 4 European championships, PSV is leading its own championship by a distance. Both teams could well have strengthened the current Europa League squad, but the group stage of the Champions League turned out very well for them. There is no clear favorite in this pair, so any development of events can be expected. That makes it more interesting for a neutral fan.

PSV News (Eindhoven, Netherlands)

The “red-whites” were lucky in the draw for the group round of the Champions League. Although it is rare at this stage to meet not very strong opponents, PSV survived such an experience. Everything was so planned that the fate of a ticket to the 1/8 finals was decided before the final round. Among the really tough opponents there was only Arsenal, but even the Eindhoven team took points from them. Everything was easier with Lens and Sevilla – these two finished in third and fourth positions in the group, respectively.

In the domestic championship, things are even better for PSV. They continue their incredible unbeaten run and are at the top of the Dutch Championship. Also with a noticeable lead over the competitors: 10 points from the second Feyenoord, and 18 points from the third Twente. Over 22 rounds, Bosh’s team has 20 wins and two draws. But the team was recently eliminated from the Dutch Cup, losing minimally to Feyenoord in the 1/8 finals.

Owner’s shots

Lang and Bella-Kocap will definitely not play today. The participation of Thela and Ioan Bakayoko is also questionable. Almost everyone is the main PSV footballer, so the losses can be noticeable.

Borussia News (Dortmund, Germany)

The Bumblebees truly surprised football Europe during the autumn Champions League campaign. Borussia’s draw was not as good as PSV’s. Dortmund were in the group of death and fought against PSG, Milan and Newcastle. Moreover, they managed to win this quartet with a three-point lead over their closest pursuers.

Why were you surprised? Because things are not going well in the championship this season. Both in the autumn and in the winter campaign, the current silver medalist of the Bundesliga is marked with a slightly negative sign. There are often the odd point loss or tough win from Dortmund. Although it is worth paying tribute to the fact that this year the team has not yet felt the taste of defeat. However, for now, the “bumblebees” must be content with fourth place in the domestic championship, losing even third position by five points. The leader Bayer has 17 points. Too much.

Guest shots

Newly crowned African champion Sebastien Halle is in the hospital. He is accompanied by Adeyemi and Nmecha. Malen’s participation in the match is also in question, but he went to the game in Eindhoven.

Last five matches of PSV and Borussia Dortmund

Last five home matches

  • 16.02. PSV – Heracles 2:0 (Eredivisie)
  • 11.02. Volendam – PSV 1:5 (Eredivisie)
  • 03.02. Ajax – PSV 1:1 (Eredivisie)
  • 27.01. PSV – Almere City 2:0 (Eredivisie)
  • 24.01. Feyenoord – PSV 1:0 (Dutch Cup)

Last five guest meetings

  • 17.02. Wolfsburg – Borussia D 1:1 (Bundesliga)
  • 09.02. Borussia Dortmund – Freiburg 3:0 (Bundesliga)
  • 02.02. Heidenheim – Borussia D 0:0 (Bundesliga)
  • 28.01. Borussia Dortmund – Bochum 3:1 (Bundesliga)
  • 20.01. Cologne – Borussia D 0:4 (Bundesliga)

Personal meetings between teams

01/07/2017. Borussia D – PSV 4:1 (TM)

10/22/2002. Borussia D – PSV 1:1 (Championship)

02.10.2002. PSV – Borussia D 1:3 (Championship)

Bets and odds for the match PSV – Borussia Dortmund

Match forecast PSV – Borussia Dortmund from UA-Football

The road for the “bumblebees” to this match did not tire the players – they traveled only 170 kilometers by bus. Even for the previous Bundesliga match, Borussia traveled longer. However, Dortmund still have problems visiting. Statistics show that in the last seven away matches, Terzic’s team won only twice. PSV won all matches at home this season, except for meetings against Sevilla (2:2) and Arsenal (0:2). And although bookmakers prefer the hosts, Dortmund are also playing in this round for a reason. They showed this with their victories in the group stage. So today we must, at a minimum, not lose.Prediction: Draw.

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