What about the Czyż, Belica and Pacheco contracts? New information about Górnik players

Górnik Zabrze started the spring brilliantly, winning two matches impressively. Jan Urban’s team building is going in a very good direction, but several important players’ contracts are ending in the summer. What’s next? WP SportoweFakty looked behind the scenes.

3:1 with Piast away and 3:1 with Korona at home. This is whatGórnik Zabrze’s achievements look like at the dawn of spring.

The team plays impressively and effectively, it is clear that most of the players are in good shape. The experiencedLukas Podolski is doing his job, andAdrian Kapralik has finally started to shine, scoring three goals in these two matches, making an assist, and taking a huge part in the Korona player’s own goal.

The beginning of spring is very successful in terms of sports, and before Zabrze there is a Sunday away match against Widzew Łódź. And the activists face, although probably in the longer term, decisions regarding players whose contracts expire in the summer.

There are several of them in Górnik and Zabrze’s needs in the summer transfer window will depend on what they do. First things first. The easiest solution for the club would be to extend one of the key players,Erik Janży.

Both his manager, Matej Skergo, in WP SportoweFakty, and the player himself, in an interview with Wełości, declare that the captain wants to stay in Zabrze, and thefinal details of his contract are being finalized.Today, on Wednesday, we confirmed that this is what it looks like.

Isn’t there a clause

After the last successful match against Korona, Górnik fans also had questions about the future ofSzymon Czyż. Although the player loaned from Raków is often a substitute in Jan Urban’s team, he can make his mark. This was the case in Wrocław in the fall, when he scored the equalizer in the last seconds and also made a great change against Korona, where he scored a beautiful second-degree assist.

However, his loan to Zabrze expires after the season.According to information from WP SportoweFakty, Górnik does not have the right of pre-emption. The contract does not specify the amount that would have to be paid for the player to continue playing in the Silesian club. At this point, there is no price set that Raków would expect for Czyż. His future will probably become clear after the end of the season.

Moving on, we come acrossDaniel Bielica . Górnik’s goalkeeper, who has been in great form lately, also has his contract expire in the summer. And it is possible that, as in the case of Czyż, we will have to wait for the final decisions.

According to our information,if there was an offer from abroad, the goalkeeper would probably be willing to consider it . Górnik has been “talking” about a new contract some time ago, but at the moment, as far as we know, nothing groundbreaking is happening in this matter.

Pacheco is happy, so is the miner

The summer also marks the end ofDani Pacheco’s contract. The Spaniard feels very good in Zabrze and has already extended his contract once. But what will happen after the season? According to our information, there has not yet been an official proposal to extend the contract for the former Liverpool player.However, there are some indications that something like this is bound to happen sooner or later.

The next issue isPaweł Olkowski . Here, as we learn, the contract that ends in the summer includes a provision thatGórnik can extend it for another twelve months. The same is the case withRafał Janickiand the youth from Zabrze, i.e.Krzysztof KolankoandDominik Szala.

Piotr Koźmiński, journalist

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