Tomasz Komenda is dead. Rafał Collins said a touching farewell to him

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On Wednesday (February 21), news of the death of Tomasz Komenda was announced. The owner of Zagłębie Sosnowiec, Rafał Collins, who worked with him in the past, said goodbye to him on social media.

Information about the death of Tomasz Komenda was provided by Grzegorz Głuszak, a journalist of “Uwaga” and “Superwizjer” TVN. He was the one who dealt with the case when he was wrongly imprisoned. In recent months, Komenda has been fighting cancer. His condition was getting worse. He was 46 years old.

In the past, Rafał Collins, who currently owns the first leagueZagłębie Sosnowiec, cooperated with Komenda. He added a farewell post on social media.

“In a restaurant, a waiter comes up to us and offers us various wines, talks about them, how long they have been aged, etc. Tomek looks at him and says with a smile on his face and with great distance – this is what I know about aging… This is how I want to remember him, because he was a cheerful boy, despite everything and under all circumstances, a good person… What a story…” Collins wrote on Instagram. The entry can be seen below.

The attached photo shows Collins and Komenda. After a while, the presenter added that he learned about Komenda’s death a few hours ago, but he did not want to be the first person to inform the public about it.

Tomasz Komenda was wrongly convicted of a crime in Miłoszyce that took place on December 31, 1996. 15-year-old Małgorzata was having fun at a disco and some point she left the building. Several hours later she was found dead on a property near the disco. The teenager was brutally raped and died as a result of hypothermia and her wounds.

The police, prosecutor’s office, and court found the 23-year-old Tomasz Komenda guilty. The man was released after 18 years in prison.

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