Vittozzi: I want to prepare for the Games and be in shape

Italian biathlete, world champion and Olympic medalist Lisa Vittozzi summed up the results of the 2024 World Championships and spoke about plans to compete at the 2026 Olympic Games in Italy.

“It was an incredible World Cup. It didn’t start very well, but I didn’t give up. You couldn’t think about how strong your opponents were, otherwise it would have been like shooting yourself in the foot. I paid attention to my feelings and became one of the few who beat the French women. The emotions from personal gold are special, this is a unique moment. But I’m still very hungry.

The season is going well, I’m third in the overall standings. There are still opportunities. To become first, you need to win. I was often in the top six. Winning the Olympics is the greatest achievement in sports. I want to prepare for the Games and be in shape,” La Gazzetta dello Sport quotes Vittozzi as saying.

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